Road Freight Transport

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Transportation of general merchandise or combined loadings

We can transport any merchandise considered “general”, meaning all merchandise that doesn’t require special transportation (ADR, perishable goods, waste, animals), regardless of the manner of packaging – palletized or not palletized loads.

Transportation of ready-to-wear clothes

All our vehicles are equipped to handle this type of merchandise, either full loadings or grouped loadings.

Express Transportation

Through our vans (1.3 tons in total), for fast transit.

2 driver transportation

When the customer requires reduced transit time, our 3 t trucks can be used with 2 drivers

Freight forwarding

If we are unable to provide an optimal transportation solution, we can direct you to one of our verified external collaborators.

Other related services

On the basis of a long-term contract, we can provide warehousing with handling, selection, repackaging and distribution facilities.