Mistero GS - Road Transport Company 

Mistero GS - Road Transport Company 

Road Freight Transport – Domestic Transport -  International Freight

Company philosophy

We always try to engage only in those activities that we are suited for.
The client always comes first: we strive so that all the services we provide are 100% successful and satisfactory.
Our goal is to forge long-lasting relationships with our clients, not short-term ones, even if the latter prove to be more profitable.

The team

road transport company
Macavei Cristian, Cosmina Cocan
office support
Pop Ioan, Bolocan Constantin, Fotache Calin, Ciotlaus Bogdan, Tarcea Ioan, Cataru Gheorghe

Why choose Mistero GS road transport company?

We have an in-depth knowledge of the production process, and therefore are able to anticipate and understand our clients’ needs.
We wish to forge long-lasting relationships with our clients, beneficial for both parties.
We plan to be on the market for a long time, continuity and quality of services being our main concerns.
The prices we charge are not dependent on supply-demand dynamics. Therefore, our clients can expect the same transportation fees regardless of the time of the year, even on holiday periods..

Ask offer



1.  What should a new customer do in order to reach us?

All those interested in working with us should just leave a short online message or call us directly, giving us the specifics of their request

2.  What is our price range?

We try to provide services at the best possible price for our clients, in accordance with
  • the volume and weight of the merchandise
  • the place of loading/unloading
  • transit time
  • method of payment
For customers who require regular cargo transportation over a period of time (supply chain solutions), the price is determined according to the overall volume for the entire collaboration period.
As we own our own transport vehicles, our service costs are firsthand.
If we are unable to provide an optimal freight transportation solution, we can direct you to one of our verified external collaborators, while keeping our commission as low as possible.

3. What is our schedule?

Our office is open Monday to Friday, between 9AM – 5 PM
Telephone no./Fax no.: 004 0264 442 004
For any emergencies please contact us by calling 004 0744 557 853, available 24/7.

4. How can I check the company’s reliability?

  • Our road transport company is registered with all the legal authorities and has its headquarters at 4, Bega Street
  • The shareholding structure has not changed over time.
  • We are registered with the ARR and all our transportation licenses are up to date.
  • The safety of your merchandise during transport is ensured through an insurance contract with the CMR for 30000 euro per vehicle. Should the value of the merchandise be greater than this specified amount, the insurance contract can be modified to fit the actual value, at the client’s request.
  • Please feel free to contact us should you have any queries regarding our activity object or services.
  • Other information regarding our financial or juridical status is available online.